History & Milestone
Since its inception, quality assurance at UPH has been a major concern and is carried out by every faculty, study program, and supporting work unit. Providing the best education to students is a priority for UPH founders.
Since 2004, UPH began developing an ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system and began preparing for certification. In 2006 the Directorate of UPH Quality Assurance was formed, led by a Director of Quality Assurance. ISO 2001: 2000 certification was finally obtained on April 23, 2008 and extended on June 3, 2010.
In line with the development of the higher education quality assurance system in Indonesia and the rapid development of UPH, UPH has also built and developed an Internal Quality Assurance System that is integrated with the External Quality Assurance System. On February 2, 2015, an Institutional Quality Enhancement and Assurance was formed, also known as LP2MP. The LP2MP is led by a Chairperson who is directly responsible to the Chancellor, and is an extension of the role of the Quality Assurance Directorate.
The seriousness of UPH in an effort to improve sustainable quality can be seen from the increase in the accreditation ratings of various study programs at UPH. If previously only the Undergraduate Program Law Study Program had been accredited A, since 2015 up to now there have been 12 accredited study programs A. UPH is also ranked as one of the 17 Indonesian universities which ranks in the 400 best universities in Asia version QS Asia University Rankings 2018.
The commitment to continuous quality improvement is always held by UPH, so that in the future it can provide increasingly superior higher education services for students, and contribute to society, the nation and the country of Indonesia.
Pelita Harapan University